Prawning a success this Summer

The  revival of the prawn fishery in the Swan and Canning rivers in the last couple of years is great news for metro recreational fishers.

For many years it seemed the summer prawn runs that were once legendary in the Swan estuary were destined to be little more than a fading memory, as stocks of the western school prawn all but disappeared.

prawning in river 1970's

However, with the help of a restocking project run by Fremantle’s Challenger Institute of Technology, supported by Recfishwest and the Department of Fisheries, the Swan River Trust and Murdoch University, and funded by your licence fees through the Recreational Fishing Initiatives Fund, metro prawning is once again on the agenda.

family prawning

There were encouraging reports of good hauls of prawns last year, both by fishers using small hand scoops, and those dragging nets, indicating the ground-breaking restocking program is working.

Again this year, more than two million prawns have been stocked into the system as the program has accelerated beyond expectations with improved aquaculture techniques.

The project also includes research to determine the factors affecting natural recruitment and the citizen science initiative Prawn Watch.

Prawns Swan1

In years gone by, the Swan and Canning would be dotted with groups of prawners enjoying a night on the water by dragging their nets on balmy summer evenings.

To check out some good locations to go prawning, click here.

Prawning was an integral part of the WA way of life, and hopefully these scenes start to become more commonplace again and put prawn sangers back on the menu in many metro households!