Oceanography Predictor for Salmon Season and Other Species

Every Autumn Australian Salmon begin their spawning migration up the Western Australian coast. As the water temperatures start to cool off from the summer heat, the cool water fish swim west along the south coast of WA and start heading northbound towards Perth and beyond.

The strength of the predominant, offshore, warm water Leeuwin Current moving southward from the tropics against the more localised, inshore, cool water Capes Current from the south east dictates the water temperatures along the coast and the magnitude of the salmon migration.

 The coastal oceanography team at the UWA Oceans Institute developed a tool with up to date forecasting of oceanographic conditions including sea temperature along with other weather readings.

You can use it to track the extent of warm water pushing from the north and where the cool water that the salmon will be following up will be. Alternatively use it to track where the warm waters for mackerel are retreating to for your northern trips as the cooler weather sets in.

Check it out at http://coastaloceanography.org/



Header Image: Photo courtesy Western Angler