New Standard Set for Salmon

Throughout the world, exists many iconic fisheries based around large-scale migrations of popular sport and table fish. Cast your mind to species such as Atlantic Salmon in Canada, Southern Bluefin Tuna in Victoria or Tarpon in the Gulf of Mexico where entire communities exist around the fishing experiences created by the annual migrations of these exciting species. Over the past few years, the recent revival of Australian Salmon stocks has thrust this high-value fishery to a position that equals any of these fishing experiences.


Our iconic Australian Salmon provides a fishing experience up there with the best in the world, where huge schools of migrating fish pass through crystal clear waters within casting distance of shore. Thousands of fishers flock to the Western Australia’s south west each year to take part in the annual event with many kids and families getting to enjoy the tussle of catching this strong, hard fighting species.

Tropiano Family, Shelley Beach Albany

Given this world class fishery right on our doorstep, it is vitally important that salmon stocks are managed in a way which allows only the highest and best use of this important resource. This majestic fish is so valuable to Western Australia and so highly respected by the community that they need to be prioritised for recreation, tourism and high grade human consumption purposes. Using Salmon as a low value bait is a thing of the past and can no longer be justified.

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Which is why we were pleased when recently the commercial fishing sector promoted Western Australian Salmon as a high grade, restaurant quality sashimi product. It’s great to see the commercial Salmon industry treating Salmon with the respect they deserve.

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Recfishwest look forward to working with Western Australian Fishing Industry Council (WAFIC) to ensure Salmon can continue to provide great fishing experiences and restaurant quality food rather than being wasted as bait and pet food.

Recfishwest will continue to work with decision makers to ensure only the highest and best use of our important salmon resource is allowed.

Header Image: Photo credit, Tony Tropiano. 

Broad Cast Photo credit: Alesandro Daniele 

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