In order to effectively represent the views of the recreational fishing community, Recfishwest undertakes consultation throughout WA using a number of different methods:

  • Face to Face
    • Recfishwest visits all major regional coastal centers over a 12 month period and meets one on one with fishing clubs, industry contacts and community groups.
    • Recfishwest attands major community events such as fishing tournaments and agricultural shows to speak one on one with grass roots fishers
  • Reference Groups
    • Recfishwest’s reference groups are designed to attract recreational fishers who have a great deal of expertise in specific fisheries. Recfishwest utilises the knowledge that these groups provide to guide Board decisions and help in identifying strategic goals for particular fisheries.
  • Surveys
    • Recfishwest utilities the power of electronic surveys when major issues arise that affect recreational fishing. Surveys on issues such as changes to fishing rules and expenditure of licence money have elicited very positive responses from the community.