Hooked on Herring

Tales and Recipes From Around The World….


Local Fremantle author Jacqueline Hagan, is bringing to you the best Herring recipes from around the world, just in time for Christmas!

Jacqueline Hagan has travelled extensively with her husband and wherever they venture they take a fishing rod or seek out neighbourhood options for eating fish. This collection of recipes and travel anecdotes have been gathered from years of travel and visits to fish markets, fish stands, cafes, restaurants and the kitchens of hospitable locals.

Most West Australians have a close affinity with Herring. Herring is the first fish many people catch and one parents often introduce their children to when fishing, embedding them into our culture.

A staple for recreational fishers, their popularity comes from abundance and accessibility from shore and small boats, as well as being versatile table fare. They are the most widely caught species of shore fish in the southern half of the state and their value to the WA community cannot be understated.

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“A big feed of herring is an intrinsic part of beach holiday nostalgia for thousands of West Aussies.”

The Book

Hooked on Herring has recipes that are light and healthy, with lots of fresh herbs, salads and vegetables. Others make heartier meals, just right for those evenings when you are famished after a long hard day out in the sun, fishing, swimming, kayaking, playing cricket or walking. The recipes in this collection will surprise and delight you.

Now you have the perfect collection of recipes from around the world, catering for all palates, including the kids – you won’t ever hear them saying NOT HERRING AGAIN!

Beautifully designed by award winning designer Elissa Webb, this publication with its meticulous and exquisite illustrations will make an ideal Christmas present.



Recipe Sample – Posh Herring Breakfasts

With very little effort you can create a very posh breakfast with your herring catch.
Have your fisherman skin and fillet your herring, then pat the fillets dry with a paper towel
Coat your serving plate with a generous film of best quality extra virgin olive oil
Grind a little salt and black pepper onto the oil

Now here is the secret for serving a different posh breakfast everyday.
Choose any of the following flavours and stir them into your oil:
– 2 teaspoons ground lemon myrtle as shown in the photo
– 1 teaspoon dried oregano flakes
– 2 tablespoons finely chopped fresh green herbs such as basil or parsley

1. Place your herring fillets in the oil and coat them well with the oil
2. Preheat your barbecue so that it is very hot
3. You know that it is hot enough when you throw a little water on it and there is a hiss
4. Lightly spray the barbecue with spray olive oil and put fillets on the barbecue
5. When the flesh becomes a little opaque in about 11/2 minutes, turn and cook the same time on the other side
6. Remove fish and place back in the oil marinade and serve with barbecue roasted tomatoes and toast

You can find more herring treats in Jacqueline Hagan’s book “Hooked on Herring: Tales and recipes from around the world” published by Margaret River Press November 2016

About the Author

Jacqueline Hagan was temporarily distracted from the pursuit of herring while she pursued a career as a psychologist and management consultant. Along the way, she married a geologist who also happened to love fishing and, together, they set off to discover the world. Several years later, she and the fisherman returned home to Western Australia with their two sons, where they handed down the pursuit of herring to the next generation.

Jacque now lives in Fremantle, where she and the fisherman spend each summer on their boat at Garden Island. In winter they travel to Europe and South America, in search of new and exciting recipes for the next summer’s herring catch.