Hefty Penalties for Gear Tampering

A recent increase in reports of gear tampering has prompted Recfishwest to remind fishers that any interference with another fishers gear, be it recreational or commercial is illegal and penalties for doing so are severe.

Recreational rock lobster fishers are noticing an increase in gear tampering, with many pots either missing or returned to the water away from where they were originally set. This is extremely frustrating for fishers who have invested in gear to catch a feed of lobster for Christmas.

Crab fishers too have felt this pain recently when commercial and recreational crab nets have been stolen, pulled by others or in severe cases, had the floats cut off.

Illegally tampering with fishing gear can fetch a fine of up to $25,000 and up to 12 months in prison.

The message is simple: If you don’t own the fishing gear, leave it alone!

If you see someone illegaly tampering with gear that is not theirs, call Fishwatch on 1800 815 507