Greg Jenkins

Greg Jenkins Black Bream 2014

DESPITE not being an avid fisher, Greg Jenkins is playing a key role in the future of recreational fishing in WA.

Greg is in charge of the Australian Centre for Applied Aquaculture Research at Challenger Institute of Technology, based in Fremantle.

Many fishers may not recognise his name but nearly all of them would recognise at least some of the amazing things he has contributed to fishing and aquaculture over the last 30 years.

Greg is at the forefront of aquaculture research into important recreational and commercial species in Western Australia and during this time Greg and his team have:

  • Successfully stocked the Blackwood River with Black Bream saving this important recreational fishery.
  • Developed techniques to culture important species such as Dhufish, Pink snapper, Barramundi and Yellowtail kingfish.
  • Breed and stocked millions of Swan River School Prawns reviving an important recreational fishery.
  • Breed and released more than 20,000 recreationally important Mulloway along the lower west Coast.
  • Investigated an innovative method for culturing and releasing large numbers of Pink Snapper that has the potential to reduce recruitment fluctuations.

The fish his aquaculture projects produce are used for a number of important ongoing restocking projects supported by Recfishwest and community partners, including the Swan River Trust.

Greg Jenkins and team celebrate

Greg was also instrumental in convincing Western Angler founder Ian Stagles in 2004 that WA needed more fish stocking and the pair helped set up the West Australian Fish Foundation (WAFF). Greg was an inaugural director of WAFF and is still on the board.

Under Greg, the Challenge Institute of Technology has become internationally recognised for its aquaculture work, which includes breeding Western School Prawns for the first time ever as part of the restocking project for the Swan and Canning rivers.

Prior to joining Challenge, Greg  had 13 years of teaching and management experience in a wide range of aquaculture, research and development, and fisheries positions in both the private and public sectors.

While he’s not a fisherman, he is something of a wine buff and does love the outdoors, being a keen walker and hiker.

For his contributions to science and recreational fishing, Greg Jenkins is this month’s Recfishwest Community Champion.