Recfishwest Fishing Clinics

We believe that fishing enriches lives of hundreds of thousands of West Australians and forms an integral part of the WA lifestyle.  The primary purpose of Recfishwest fishing clinics is to introduce children and families to fishing and to promote sustainable and safe fishing practices.

The basic structure of a Recfishwest Fishing Clinic combines the delivery of key knowledge and skills using fun group talks with demonstrations and hands-on fishing activities.  Parents and guardians are expected to stay to supervise all children under 14yrs. The briefing sessions before and after the actual fishing are designed to engage children of all skill levels and ages, and also aimed at informing and educating the adults, so they may gain the confidence to take their children fishing into the future.

Our standard clinic structure involves three fundamental components;

1. Briefing session with key messages and some demonstration
2. Hands-on fishing activity at the selected location
3. Wrap-up chat, recapping key messages

Individual fishing clinics can be adapted around this basic structure so that we maximise participant experiences and enjoyment.

There are currently two main types of fishing clinics:

  1. Recfishwest Community Fishing Clinics
  2. Recfishwest SunSmart Fishing Clinics