Recreational Fishing Initiatives Fund

Expressions of Interest for Round 6 of the Recreational Fishing Initiatives Fund are now closed.

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For more  background, check out   RFIF – The People’s Fund.

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All recreational fishing licence fees, including fees from the recreational fishing from boat licence introduced by government in 2010, are credited to the Recreational Fishing Account. The Recreational Fishing Initiatives Fund (RFIF) is a component of this account and is administered by Recfishwest. The purpose of the RFIF is to:

‘Provide funding to enable initiatives, projects and research that are aligned with recreational fishing community priorities and enhance recreational fishing in Western Australia.’

Every year 25% of recreational fishing licence revenue is allocated to the RFIF and after a thorough application process Recfishwest presents the Minister for Fisheries with a prioritised list of projects that the recreational community of Western Australia would like to see funded.

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The Minister for Fisheries has absolute discretion in the application of funds from the RFIF and is not bound to accept any recommendations for expenditure. Recfishwest has administered the RFIF since its inception and all projects recommended for funding have so far been approved.

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Since its inception the RFIF has funded over twenty projects and seen over $8 million invested into projects to enhance recreational fishing in Western Australia.

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