Funding & Projects

Recfishwest support a number of projects designed to benefit recreational fishers and ensure sustainable recreational fishing resources. In addition to this, Recfishwest will often provide letters of support for project applications that demonstrate tangible benefits for recreational fishing in Western Australia.

Recfishwest is currently working on projects with our community partners, government departments, tertiary Intuitions, not for profits groups and other recreational fishing clubs and organisations. These projects focus on:

  • Habitat and Stock Enhancement – Southwest artificial reef project, FRDC project – The applications and benefits of artificial reefs, Lake Kununurra Barramundi Restocking
  • Fishing Safety – Rock Fishing Safety Strategy, Snag it – Tag it and abalone safety
  • Promoting fishing clinics – Metropolitan fishing clinics, Northern Tour, Southern Tour
  • Creating behavioural change – Clean up days, Fishing line disposal bins, Development of Codes of practice and recreational fishing best practice, Fish Welfare Code of Conduct, Recreational fishing code of conduct for the Pilbara and Kimberley as well as the use of release weights

In addition to this Recfishwest fund a number of projects each year through the Recfishwest Community Grant Scheme and provide an administrative role for projects funded through the Recreational Fishing Initiatives Fund.
Recfishwest will support projects that align with Recfishwest’s strategic plan as well as projects that align to the Research needs of the recreational fishing community 2014-2017.