Fishing, Families and Fun – Must be Time for Swanfish 2017!

Another summer has nearly passed and what better way to enjoy some of the last rays of summer sunshine and the great fishing that it brings than to be a part of the annual Swanfish competition.

Swanfish is Melville Amateur Angling Club’s iconic, family-friendly fishing event held on the banks of the Swan River, this year on the 25th and 26th of February. Every year Swanfish brings families and the fishing community together to appreciate the majestic and iconic Swan River waterway and the quality fishing it hosts.


The river’s health is improving every year and with healthy waterways comes great fishing. Recreational fishing licence funded stocking of key species in recent years, such as Mulloway and Western School Prawns, is now providing increased opportunity and quality fishing experiences for the community.

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Hundreds of participants take part in the two-day fishing event, armed with their best-kept fishing secrets in hope of a winning catch on the day. Anyone and any fish can win and there are a tonne of prizes and categories which all types of fishers can enter their various catches.

“Catch, Click and Release categories mean you can win by catching a fish, snapping a photo and releasing it straight away without the need to carry it along to the weigh in.”

Proving that the three-decade-old event is capable of shifting with the times and accommodating the community’s aspirations,  Swanfish  has made changes in a move towards sustainable fishing and protecting the Swan Rivers most targeted recreational fish species by making Black Bream a catch and release only species this year. ”The Catch, Click and Release categories mean you can win by catching a fish, snapping a photo and releasing it straight away without the need to carry it along to the weigh in.” said Melville Amateur Angling Club President Tony Ayrey.

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The Swan River hosts fishing for all types of fishers from all walks of life and opportunities abound. The flats in the lower reaches hold good numbers of Yellowfin Whiting and Flathead with the surprise of Giant Herring a real chance. Tailor will be found around the drop-offs marauding the hordes of baitfish taking refuge in the shallows. Mulloway will delight the experienced or just lucky fisher anywhere in the deeper pockets and channels of the low to upper reaches and Black Bream are abundant throughout. Herring as well as other bread and butter species like Tarwhine, Sand Whiting and Garfish can be found in the lower reaches of the Swan.

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Recfishwest continues to support this great tradition in celebrating the importance of fishing to the Western Australian community, and the value our precious waterways play in our lifestyle.   Show your support this year and enter you and your kids into Swanfish 2017. You’ll not only help celebrate the value the Swan River holds to Western Australian recreational fishers by fishing the event, but you’ll spend hours enjoying some quality family time on the banks of one of WA’s safest and accessible fishing locations.

Swamfish 2016

Head over to for further details and to complete your registration for the event.

Check out the video shared by the Swan River Trust showing the abundance of fish life in the depths of the Swan River that come out to play at night, here.

 Need some help navigating where to fish in the Swan? Head over to for all your fishing needs. It may just help you win the big prize!