Fishing Charters

West Australian recreational fishers are blessed with an abundance of top quality charter fishing operators.

Along the length and breadth of the state, there are well-established charters with a wealth of experience and expertise, offering recreational fishers the chance to catch to enjoy some of our great fishing opportunities.

chick trout

Whether you simply want a feed of fish, are keen to tick a billfish off the bucket list, or just want to enjoy catch-and-release sportfishing then there are plenty of options at your disposal.


While many West Australians are now boat owners, charter boats still offer an important and valuable service to the recreational fishing community, filling a number of roles.

Most significantly, they offer offshore fishing opportunities for those not lucky enough to have access to their own vessel.


Even for those with their own boat, a trip with a charter may provide the chance to reach more distant locations, with the added peace of mind of the safety and organised conditions on board a charter.

For inexperienced recreational fishers and particularly kids, a charter trip also offers a great learning experience when it comes to the fishing itself, as well as with fish handling and processing.

For many people, charter boats provide their first ‘serious’ offshore fishing experience in WA.


They also cater for occasional recreational fishers who may only wet a line once or twice a year, and who may not have much of their own gear.

Just about all the major regional centres along the coast in WA boast charter operators, offering everything from half-day trips to extended live-aboard trips to remote destinations like the Abrolhos and Monte Bellos.

Searching the internet or visiting your local tourist information centre is the best way to find what charters are available in your fishing destination.