Fish and Survive Website

Recfishwest recently launched the Fish and Survive website. Our aim is to inform the community of the dangers of certain fishing activities to prevent fishing related deaths.

Fish and Survive is Western Australia’s number one portal for recreational fishing safety information.  Fish and Survive‘ s goal is to not only to educate people about the potential risks associated with fishing but to make sure everyone returns home safely after a day’s fishing.

There is a long history in WA and Australia where fishers have lost their lives fishing, with rock fishing deaths contributing to the majority of these. Since 2002, more than 24 people have lost their lives while rock fishing.

Recfishwest, along with community partners and the Nathan Drew Memorial Trust first developed the Free Life Jacket Loan Scheme – where members of the public could drop in to selected local stores and hire a free life jacket before going rock fishing. This initiative has grown over the years and there are now 17 stores from Carnarvon to Esperance keeping fishers in their community safe! You can also purchase life jackets on the shop!

Another way of staying safe involves Rock Anchor Points, which were one of the first measures used by rock fishers and authorities to try and keep fishers safe.

For more information on how to stay safe while fishing, view the website or watch our fun video.