Esperance Fishing Icon on its Last Legs

The Esperance Tanker Jetty , one of WA’s most iconic fishing platforms is set to be demolished.

The Esperance Tanker Jetty, has provided a great fishing location for bread and butter species for generations of West Australian fishers, is unlikely to be restored after the Esperance Council unanimously voted to authorise the demolition of the structure.



The 80-year-old jetty was closed in December, as numerous parts of the structure had failed and it was deemed unsafe to access.

Shire president Victoria Brown got social media buzzing when she said on local radio the jetty was unable to be renovated and likely to be demolished.

However, the Shire followed her comments by putting out a press release confirming the special meeting to discuss the jetty’s future, but added the options “are limited”.

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The Council are committed to replacing the jetty although no timetable for replacement has been announced.

Recfishwest is following the issue, which is of particular significance to recreational anglers given the importance of safe fishing platforms for many recreational fishers.

Stay tuned to the Recfishwest website, for more details.