Esperance Archipelago Angling Classic

The annual Esperance Archipelago Offshore Angling Classic is one of the most popular recreational fishing competitions in the state.  The event is extremely well-run and this year was no different when it was held last month.  Despite the weather being a bit windy on the day, 117 boats and more than 400 anglers competed for a rich collection of prizes.

Challenging fishing was the order of the day and the heaviest fish, a samson fish of 27.24 kilos, caught on Simon Coxall’s boat, earned those on the boat a whopping $16,000.  The heaviest shark was a 22kg hammerhead. There were good numbers of king george whiting to almost 1.3 kilos caught and queen snapper were a common catch.   The annual Calcutta is always well-supported and Coxall won both the major and minor prizes.

esperance 1

In a great example of the sort of community spirit these regional fishing competitions engender, Coxall donated most of the minor prize, around $8000, back into a redraw and Glenn Bail was the lucky winner with biggest snook.  The barbecue before the event on the Friday night attracted around 150 people, while the Calcutta and briefing on Saturday evening drew a crowd of more than 400.

There were around 700 people at the presentation and weigh-in demonstrating once again the important contribution the Esperance Deep Sea Angling Club provides to the Esperance community.