Recreational Fishing Codes of Conduct

There are over 740,000 recreational fishers in Western Australia.  Recreational fishing is an intrinsic part of Australian culture and has proven health and wellbeing benefits.  Recreational fishing is important within a social and economic context, with millions of dollars invested in fishing equipment and associated tourism every year.

With appropriate sustainability, fish welfare and fisheries management practices in place, recreational fishing will continue to be one of Australia’s most popular pastimes well into the future.

Please find our recreational fishing Codes of Conduct below:

Fish Welfare Code of Conduct

Kimberley Recreational Fishing Code of Conduct 

Code of Conduct for Recreational Fishing in the Pilbara

Respect Your Salmon

salmon code of conduct1

 Release Weight

Barotrauma is a result of the expansion of gases in the  swim bladder and other organs when fish do not have  time to adjust to the rapid changes in water pressure as they are pulled to the surface. The physical effects of barotrauma can be seen in the form of inflated abdomen, bulging eyes, stomach  protruding from the mouth and  distended intestines.

The release weight comprises a heavy weighted  barbless hook which has a loop at the top to attach a  retrieval line. The release weight can be either attached on a rod and reel or a handline, specially set aside for  releasing fish. The release weight is attached through the lip of a fish to be released and then gently lowered  into the water before being dropped back to the reef. It is then easily detached from the fish by a tug on the line  when it reaches the bottom.

Read the  Recfishwest Release Weight Brochure

Release weight

Snag It, Tag It

Recfishwest would like to remind recreational fishers that fishing around crayfish pots and ropes can result in fishing gear becoming snagged on the ropes. This becomes a safety issue for boat deckie’s pulling the pot and rope. To minimise injury, please fish responsibly and tie a tag or other non-degradable material to the float or rope to notify the deckie that there is fishing gear on the rope.

If you have seen the ‘Snag it, Tag it’ tags around, please use these as they are easily recogniseable.