Fishers with Disabilities

Fishing is part of WA culture. We have all grown up with the activity of fishing with family and enjoying the outdoors.

Unfortunately some aren’t as lucky as others and as time goes by some become less able to fish when they want.

WA’s Biggest Fishability Day is close - Register here.

Fishability Day 2016

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As the peak body for recreational fishing, we want to make sure ‘all’ fishers are being looked after to enjoy some of the best fishing the world has to offer.

Fishers with disabilities play an important role in our communities. They prove to us all, that you’re never to old or less-abled to pick up a rod and enjoy a quiet spot of fishing.

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We are working closely with the Fishers with Disabilities Association to help identify sites where fishing access has been made easy. These sites will be available to the public on completion of the project and will give people with disabilities great access to great fishing!

Fishers With Disabilities Launch new Fishability Map

The Fishers with Disabilities Association provide people who are less abled a chance to participate in fishing activities, including boat and jetty trips to some quality river fishing grounds and participate in fishing workshops.

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Fishers With  Disabilities  Media Statement:

Since the appointment of their new Albany based coordinator, Susanne Dennings, the group has focused on securing a volunteer team to implement a newly designed program for the many organisations, schools and individuals who wish to utilise the Fishers with Disabilities services in the Albany area.    ‘We have a wonderful group of volunteers and a program to match that aims to give everyone a once-a-month opportunity to attend a fishing day.  The first of the 2015 program in early January was one of the worst windy with rain squalls days this summer however it didn’t deter the keen fishers or the volunteers.   This was in total contrast to the excellent weather recently when 20 persons were involved in the most fishing event on 25th March.

In addition to the Albany town and Emu Point jetties, we have received in principal support from the Albany Ski Club to fish at a suitable site on the Kalgan River.   That will be a pleasant and sheltered alternative, should there be another series of strong easterly winds that challenged us in January.

Thanks must go to the Albany Dept of Fisheries for providing the fishing trailer, equipment and training as well, the Dept. Sport and Recreation office for use of their meeting room and the Dept Transport for guiding us on the availability/permits to use the jetties.   Their assistance is greatly valued.’

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