Changes to the Structure of the Public Sector

On the 28 April Premier McGowan announced changes to the structure of the Public sector in Western Australia.  This announcement includes reducing the number of Government Department from 41 to 25 and is designed to create a more efficient public sector.

As part of this change, the Department of Fisheries is to be merged with the Department of Agriculture and Food,  The Department of Regional Development and the Regional Development Commissions to create a new Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development.

The Director General of this new Department has yet to be appointed however with the planned changes due to take effect from 1 July 2017 we can expect an appointment in the near future.

The Hon Dave Kelly will remain the Minister for Fisheries and the Director General of this new Department will report to multiple Ministers.  Victoria has a similar arrangement in place where there are 22 Ministers and 11 Government Departments.

Recfishwest will be working to ensure there is no net loss of amenity for rec fishers and will be looking at where there may be opportunities for improving recreational fishing experiences in this new structure.

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