Broome Girls Gone Fishing

The  Broome Fishing Club (BFC) has launched a new Facebook page for local women who love to fish.

The page is called Broome Girls Gone Fishing and it is a closed page for ladies only, to allow women to feel more comfortable talking about what has been previously stereotyped as a male dominated  recreation.


It already has more than 200 local members and is providing great resources for its users as the club strengthens its ties within the local community.

Admin Alyssa Faulkner, who is also the secretary of the BFC, said the aim of the page was to allow its members to keep up to date with upcoming activities and enable sharing of information.

It will help female fishers in the Broome community keep up to date with events the club is running and share information about recent fishing trips, tips and news.

The new Facebook page comes as the BFC looks to increase female involvement in fishing this year.

The BFC girls held a registration afternoon last month and more than 80 women turned up.


They are planning three dedicated fishing workshops for female fishers in the coming months, with the first to be held on February 20.

Topics likely to be covered at the information nights include knot tying, cast net throwing and even trailer reversing.

The aim of the workshops is to make local female fishers feel completely comfortable on the water through allowing them to learn in a relaxed environment.

Recfishwest is encouraging local fishing clubs to follow suit and look at ways to boost female participation in fishing.

For more on the Broome Fishing Club, visit them here.