A Threadie Shootout

The improved fishing in Roebuck Bay was on full show during last month’s Threadie Shootout.  The annual competition held by the Broome Fishing Club was run on different tides this year, but the results showed the decision was a wise one.  A total of 85 anglers competed, including 13 females and 12 kids, and 57 of them caught fish.  Some did very well indeed, with 194 threadfin caught, compared to 102 a year earlier when it was a two-day event.  This once again illustrated the stunning improvement in the local fishing since commercial netting was removed from Roebuck Bay.

ben thread

Fishers reported the best fishing was on the outgoing tide.  The average size was 77cm, with the best fish just under a metre. Junior angler Jake Cortese caught the biggest threadie at 96cm, and was also the champion junior.  Karen Crosby was the Thready Queen, while the overall champion was Matt Harris, with 16 fish for a total of 1600 points.

threadie  karen

The presentations were held on the following Friday, at what turned out to be a massive night at the clubhouse. The success of the event once again shows the great work that the Broome Fishing Club do for their community. If you would like to know more click here.