A Push to Ban Fishing at Greens Pool

Recfishwest were recently contacted by concerned community members in Denmark about a push to have fishing prohibited at Greens Pool. Greens Pool is a popular fishing location that offers safe and enjoyable fishing for Herring, Whiting, Squid and similar small species that have no biodiversity concerns. Recfishwest has correspondence about proposals to restrict fishing at Greens Pool dating back almost ten years, but this renewed push has come from a minority group who use Greens Pool to swim.

Fishing activity at Greens Pool is popular with families and children as it is a safe protected area, and Recfishwest find it disappointing that a small group of people are pushing to end a sustainable and enjoyable pastime that is enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of Western Australians simply because they are philosophically opposed to fishing.

Denmark Boating and Angling Club President Don Smith said that the club is opposed to any management arrangements which result in the loss of fishing access at Greens Pool, indicating the this area is the ideal location to learn to fish safely.

Recfishwest stands by the Denmark Boating and Angling Club in their support for the continuation of fishing at Greens Pool and will continue to defend the rights of all West Australians who enjoy fishing at this special location.

We will keep you up to date.

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