Marron Media Release

8th January 2015           MEDIA RELEASE

A One Month Marron Masterclass

Dust off the drop nets and shape up the snares as the 2015 Marron season begins at noon on January 8 and will run until noon on February 5, 2015.
Whether you’ve been jigging for Dhufish, pulling lobster pots or snorkelling for Abalone, recreational fishing experiences just keep getting better this summer, and now with WA’s most loved freshwater catch in season, rec fishers can try their hand at a different and unique type of fishing.

Recfishwest Chief Executive Officer Dr Andrew Rowland said Marron fishing is a unique part of Western Australia’s culture and this year’s season looks very promising after plenty of rain in many areas of the South West over the Winter/Spring period.

Fishers wanting to test their skills can try the snare-only waters of Big Brook Dam, Drakes Brook Dam, Glen Mervyn Dam, Logue Brook Dam and Wellington Dam.
“The art of snaring Marron requires patience and stealth and can be very rewarding for fishers who are up for the challenge. Dr Rowland said”
“Marron are one of the largest freshwater crayfish in the world and for fishers wanting to catch some large marron I suggest trying the trophy waters of Harvey Dam, Waroona Dam or Hutt River.”

In other Marron waters such as the Collie, Warren, Donnelly, Blackwood, Capel and Preston rivers, drop nets or scoop nets may be used to delicately capture the prized marron.
Recfishwest reminds fishers that the size and possession limits of Marron vary between trophy water and all other open waters. A full list of marron, snare-only, trophy and closed waters as well as size and possession limits can be found at the Department of Fisheries website.
Fishing for Marron provides a unique opportunity to try something different while spending quality times outdoors with family and friends.
Media Contact: Recfishwest – Tim Grose 0411393977